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HR Tech Talks

with David Pooi (HR Tech Advocate)

What a great way to end off this year’s blog series! We had a candid chat with David Pooi (HR Tech Advocate & HR Lecturer). Find out his thoughts about Singapore’s vibrant HR Tech scene, and what he’s most passionate about.

As a HR tech advocate, what are some of the technologies and tools that businesses have adopted? How have these helped them ride through COVID-19?

Over the last couple of months, we have seen cloud-based HRMS platforms in action. Progressively, HR software vendors and HRIS / HRMS providers continue to grow expansively, incorporating new HR Tech innovations and functionalities. In the same breath, exciting new players continue to emerge in the Singapore market.

In these difficult times, where physical face-to-face meetings are not advisable, video interview tools are thriving exceptionally well and getting popular with local employers and HR professionals.

We are also seeing the progressive adoption of employee engagement platforms and tools as they mature in this pandemic, as the option of working from home becomes a new norm in our lives. Collaboration, action and communications platforms keep emerging, and clearly integrating into the work life of working professionals and employees of all levels. On the same note, we have seen collaboration and talent engagement technologies making a huge impact during these challenging times.

Are there specific industries that would benefit from speeding up the pace of digital adoption?

I think all industries benefit from digital adoption. We need to move away from looking at digital adoption as a “good to have” to a “must have, immediate need” basis. The great thing about how the HR tech scene in Singapore has evolved is that there is a solution that fits every size of the business, from enterprise solutions, SMEs looking to scale-up and regionalize to start-ups.

Industries traditionally reliant on manpower such as Logistics, F&B, Retail and Hospitality will now need integrated solutions that are linked with Payroll, and these need to be available on the Cloud and on mobile apps to facilitate ESS (Employee Self Service).

What in your opinion would be a game changer for the HR community?

People analytics and BI tools are the way to go. Data and analytics go hand in hand, that’s a given. But how we interpret the data to gain insights, especially during COVID-19 and beyond, that’s the game-changer. Businesses need to look at data, predictive analysis to make smarter business decisions that have a direct, positive impact on their business.

Cloud-based solutions are no longer a luxury but a need. COVID-19 has certainly disrupted the way we work and how the business community interacts. A cloud-based solution is just one part of the equation, finding a solution that’s versatile and offers the flexibility to be customized as businesses grow and constantly evolve is fast gaining momentum.

And on a final, more personal note, what is it about the HR Tech scene in Singapore are you most passionate, excited about?

I am certainly excited and looking forward to creating more awareness and providing education of these HR Techs in Singapore, and gainfully help create value for the Singapore HR Tech industry in showcasing these wonderful HR Tech solutions to help the HR industry in the digital transformation journey.

I hope to see my work leading to the adoption of these HR Tech solutions, and ultimately empowering the HR industry to a more digital and data-driven future HR business partner function.


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