About BIPO

BIPO, a leading one-stop human resource partner in Asia Pacific, was founded in Shanghai in 2004 and has its headquarters and R&D Centre in Singapore. We also have subsidiaries in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Indonesia and Vietnam with business links in more than 10 countries and regions.

BIPO is helping companies to lower their cost and enhance their productivity. As a “travelling adventurer and model of Chinese service excellence”, our mission is to promote Chinese services to the world.

Product Benefits

Other than standard human resource services and products, we also provide to clients of different scale, types, industries, regions, tailor-made solutions to satisfy their requirements.

Platform Benefits

Utilising the powerful and flexible BIPO platform, we are able to support and meet the shared services needs of clients. Through data mining, analytical reports can be produced for making management decisions.

Service Benefits

Our team of consultants understand the concerns and challenges of HR managers and will provide clients with detailed, timely, professional and effective service.

Industry Benefits

Expertise developed in the field of high-technology, logistics, retail, automobile is integrated into our databank of industry best practices.



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