Cross-border Transactions

Fuss-free Payroll at your Fingertips

Best-in-class Payroll Solution

Agile payroll and HR platform integrates with ERP so you can scale your business with ease.

100% Compliance & Accuracy

Built-in payroll compliance features adhere to in-country labour laws to ensure full compliance.

All Types of Currency Payments

Employees are paid in local currencies, and receive e-payslips via our secure HR platform and Mobile App.

Multi-country Payroll on One Platform

All your payroll needs delivered accurately on a single, secure platform.

No More Manual Errors

Automated payroll platform – easily add/configure fields for bonuses, commissions, and more.

Expertise Across 160+ Markets

Trusted by 3300+ clients, we ensure you receive the highest level of support.

Employment Cost Calculator

Find out the cost of hiring an employee in a new country with our free employment cost calculator. Plan and effectively manage budgets for your global teams!

Build your Global Teams Today

We take on the compliance responsibility. You retain day-to-day control, and hire the best talents across the globe.

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Fast-track your market entry into 160+ global markets

Our Trusted Worldwide Customers


It has been a great experience working with the BIPO team! I greatly appreciate the seamless transition and proactive customer service. The BIPO HRMS platform enhances the effectiveness of our HR processes and our team enjoys using the new system.

Winson Lee

Vice President, Asia Pacific 
AIT Worldwide Logistics


BIPO has greatly supported our initiatives to improve productivity and go digital. We are very happy to recommend BIPO as a vendor for HRMS deployment!

Loh Lee Yng

Finance Manager
The Institution of Engineers, Singapore (IES)


BIPO’s cloud technologies and mobile app have significantly improved our employee engagement and streamlined our business processes. We are happy to have selected BIPO as our HRMS vendor!

Janice See

HR Manager
Seafront Support Company

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Real-time workforce tracking and flexible shift scheduling.

Multi-country payroll outsourcing with full local service delivery and expertise.

Learn about the latest employment regulations and labour laws across the globe.

Discover how businesses transform their HR capabilities with BIPO.

Transform your HR Capabilities with BIPO

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One-all-one HR global platform with integrated features to manage your business.

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