Cloud-based HR Software

Time & Attendance

Accurate and easy to use.


Accurate Tracking

Accurate and real time updates of employees’ attendance record.

Supports Various Clocking Devices

Flexible platform that supports various clocking devices.

Seamless Integration

Instantly sync claims and overtime payments for seamless payroll processing.

AI Facial Recognition

Facial recognition algorithms to clock attendance.

Multi-function Attendance Capabilities

Flexi-roster functions to manage multiple shifts, overtime that syncs with Payroll for on-time payments every time.

Dynamic Employee Self-service

Remote employees clock in/out using off-site clocking functions and BIPO mobile app. Line Managers can approve OT, timesheets on-the-go.

Real-time Reporting

Clock-in/out Accurately

Facial Recognition

Capture attendance using facial recognition with BIPO Mobile App on any smart device.

Biometric Clock-in

Supports clock-in methods like fingerprint, facial features, and iris scans for added security.


Employees can clock in/out at the office or assigned locations.

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