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BIPO Extends Global Footprint to 15 Destinations

BIPO Extends Global Footprint to 15 Destinations


Singapore: BIPO continues to expand its global footprint across Asia with the addition of three new destinations, Cambodia, Macau, and Myanmar to its existing portfolio. This brings the total number of countries/regions where BIPO has a presence to 15.

Michael Chen, Founder and CEO of BIPO shared, “This is yet another milestone for BIPO and cements our commitment in the region.” He added, “At the start of the pandemic, BIPO began actively engaging with our customers to understand their pain points and to identify global markets where they intend to grow their brand presence – Cambodia and Myanmar were on the top 5 list.” He added, “Macau was a natural progression for us, given that we already had a strong brand presence in Hong Kong, our hub for North Asia.”

Services provided include payroll outsourcing, PEO (Professional Employer Organisation), and a full suite of HR consultancy and HR services.

To cater to the demand for digital HR solutions, BIPO plans to launch its award-winning cloud and mobile-based HR Management System (HRMS) by the end of the year. With multi-statutory compliance and the versatility to be customised, BIPO HRMS caters to businesses of all sizes from MNCs, large Enterprises to SMEs.

BIPO HRMS leverages cloud technology to simplify and streamline HR processes. Industries traditionally reliant on manpower such as Hospitality, F&B, Retail and Logistics stand to benefit from these solutions which are “made for mobility”, available on the cloud and BIPO HRMS mobile app.

As the region’s leading one-stop HR solutions provider, BIPO’s global offices extends across 15 destinations and serves the needs of over 1,600 clients globally.

About BIPO: Established in 2004, BIPO is a leading one-stop, global Human Resource service provider with its Asia Pacific Headquarters in Singapore and R&D centres located in Singapore, Shanghai, Indonesia, and Malaysia. Awarded the region’s best at the recent HRM Asia Readers’ Choice Awards 2020 (Best HR Tech – HRIS, Best HR Tech – Payroll Solution, Best HR Tech – Cloud Solution), BIPO’s innovative cloud and mobile-based Human Resource Management System helps companies digitalise and transform, while a comprehensive suite of HR services support companies in simplifying HR processes.