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BIPO in the News – Straits Times

BIPO in the News – Straits Times

From buddy systems to carepacks: BIPO is dedicated, more than ever to supporting employees’ mental well-being during the pandemic.

Singapore – 10 August 2021 – BIPO Service was featured in the news alongside other firms for their exemplary efforts in promoting the mental health of employees during the pandemic. To prevent burn-out and exhaustion, and reduce isolation and stress when working from home, BIPO Service put in place a buddy system, where employees are supported by each other, usually with a more senior member of the team. Regular bi-weekly virtual catch-ups are also encouraged.

Before Phase 2 (Heightened alert), the firm also organised outdoor walks for employees with planned routes mapped out with safety precautions like segregated teams. Regular care packs are also sent to employees, containing items such as face masks, hand sanitiser and vitamins.

“This has been very well received and our line managers have now taken it upon themselves to send care packs to their individual teams. We are told that treats like snacks have been well received too,” said Mr Derick Teo from the Enterprise Go-digital Solutions department.

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