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SHRI BizTech Event

SHRI BizTech Event

With at least 500 registered HR personnel signed up for the HR BizTech event, the event hall was an open gateway to a multitude of potential prospects, enforcing a camaraderie of team spirit amongst the SG team to work towards the main goal of increasing leads which brought us closer together.

Budding friendships with other vendors bloomed as we exchanged past experiences and shared different insights from past encounters. It was the right kind of energy to keep our team going for 9 hours straight.

Being exposed to all the partners at the event made us realize that times are changing, and HR is evolving fast! New innovative ways of attracting talent and recruitment with different HRMS solutions that comes along with competitive pricing. The talks conducted by speakers were insightful and applicable towards the future of HR and trends that we will see in the years to come. It was definitely a great learning experience for the BIPO Singapore team.