International Employer Of Record: Who Is It For, What Are The Advantages?

A business can have a lot of advantages by having an International Employer of Record. In this article, we will discuss the benefits of this designation for your business.

The benefits of having an International Employer of Record


  1. Reduced paperwork and administrative costs: International Employers of Record handle all employee taxes, minimizing the need for employees to file their tax returns. This saves time and money for both employers and employees.


  1. Increased compliance: International Employers of Record are designated as the official employer, requiring them to comply with various regulations related to employee safety, wages, health, and safety. This enhances workplace compliance standards while reducing headaches for employers.


  1. Reduced risk of fraud: Having one single point of contact for all employee taxes reduces the risk of fraud or abuse. This makes it easier for employers to run their businesses responsibly and avoid penalties or bad publicity.


  1. Provides valuable benefits to the employee: An International Employer of Record can offer benefits to both the employee and the business. For example, they may provide reduced processing fees or incentives related to complying with immigration regulations. Additionally, they can offer support during the application process, including providing translations and advice on staying within legal boundaries. This benefits both parties involved in the hiring process, making it easier for businesses to find qualified candidates and giving employees access to valuable resources and support in their new country.


Why would you use an International Employer Of Record?


An International Employer of Record is an organization that helps companies, organizations, and individuals identify and track their overseas employment. International Employer of Records can provide several advantages to businesses, including:


  1. Increased visibility for the company in offshore markets.


  1. Improved efficiency when conducting business abroad by reducing the need for multiple filings with different governments.


  1. Reduced risk of violating labor laws in foreign countries by having a clear understanding of who your employees are and where they are located.


  1. Increased legal protection for your employees if they fall victim to a labor dispute abroad.




An international employer of record like BIPO is an important tool for businesses hiring employees in multiple countries. It streamlines the process of finding and hiring foreign employees, helping businesses comply with immigration requirements. Additionally, it provides valuable benefits to both the employee and the business, making it a beneficial solution for international employment needs.

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