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Wework x Bipo

Co-Working spaces are all the trend today, harnessing a conducive working space with instant networking opportunities and a multitude of unexpected encounters that provides nearly immeasurable amounts of value for new businesses that are difficult to recreate in traditional office settings.

Starting up conversations to spread brand awareness around the coffee machines and printers are common, however, BIPO China went one step further to promote the BIPO name by offering free health check-ups done by the In-House Professional Dr Yan, to all fellow we-work members! Each check-up focused on three main components: Body Fat count, blood density and blood pressure. In 2 weeks, BIPO China covered all 4 WeWork locations in Shanghai having at least 200-300 companies shared amongst them in total. Apart from the free check-up, BIPO China offered a promotional medical bundle which extended medical services not only to the member, but the member’s family as well. The event not only increased sales and brand awareness, it was great opportunity for networking and the beginning of friendships from some. It was a win for BIPO China Team!