Make Smart Business Decisions

Compensation & Budgeting

Turn complex compensation management into simple pay cycles.


Automate the Process

Run periodic reviews, update compensation cycles, and automate approval process.

Full Compliance

Configurable fields for budget allocation and recommendation according to employee performance rating.

Consistency & Transparency

Track budget and eliminate overpayment for secure compensation recommendations.

Data Driven Insights

 Identify high performers, access compensation history, guidelines and eligibility to make smart decisions.

Flexible Configuration

Create multiple cycles and fuss-free compensation processing, and access to updated data.

Multi-currency Management

Allocate base pay, salary increase, bonus across your global workforce in the currency of choice!

Intuitive, Integrated Platform

Plan, set up salary reviews, access updated data on salary, performance and track progress seamlessly on a single platform.​

Why BIPO Compensation & Budgeting

Centralised Planning & Forecasting

Set up annual compensation cycles, budget and guidelines using configurable fields and templates – perfect for global HR teams.

Compensation Budget by Country

Initiate dynamic payment cycles and allocate compensation according to employee performance/rating by country.

Streamline the Process

Forget spreadsheets, manual calculations and emails. Manage pay periods across countries for a seamless compensation process.

Transparency & Visibility

Complete visibility of budget, overhead costs, compensation data, and live insights across global offices. 

Define Role Permissions

Individual access rights and customised approval levels ensure sensitive information stays secure.

Set Approval & Reminders

Push notifications and alerts for approvals and set workflow reminders to stay on track and on budget.

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