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BIPO 인적 자원 관리 체계

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BIPO 인적 자원 관리 체계 플랫폼 개요

Our BIPO platform, a cloud and mobile-based one-stop solution showcases an integrated suite of applications that supports all aspects of the Human Resources functions that significantly minimises manual work and optimise administrative workflow.

Each application is interrelated and can be flexibly customised to cater to individual company needs and business practices. Together, the applications are powerfully integrated as a BIPO HRMS family suite.

Our applications include:

BIPO Personnel is a robust primary repository which stores data of employees including key personal information, compensation and benefits, as well as tax deductions.

Managers can conveniently access employees’ information on employment and salary and receive scheduled task prompts such as employees’ visa renewals and deadlines on performance reviews. Employees can also view company policies and notices.

BIPO Payroll is a high-performance secure payroll management system designed to keep pace with the changing needs of your enterprise and workforce.

BIPO Payroll supports multi-currency salary disbursements and compliance on multi-statutory regulations, while providing on-time and accurate payroll processing. Our payroll management system can be integrated with other applications, creating a seamless HR workflow.

BIPO Leave Management allows companies to systemise their leave policies and regulations while conforming to multi-statutory requirements on employee leave benefits.

Employees can submit and monitor the status of their leave requests and managers can easily approve leave applications. The system accurately tracks leave adjustments and provides access to current and historical information.

Our leave management system can be integrated with other applications such as BIPO Leave Management and BIPO Attendance to automate the year-end accounting for leave liabilities as well as credit overtime and off-in-lieu.

BIPO Attendance is a web-based time tracking application that allows you to manage employee reporting time and attendance accurately.

Complex work and shift patterns as well as flexible rostering can be set up in our attendance management system and employees’ attendance can be easily recorded, with clocking devices such as biometrics or iris scanners.

BIPO Claims handles multi-currency claims and simplifies the whole expense management process with easy tracking of claims and seamless processing of payment.

Our claims system allows your employees to submit their claims and attach supporting documents using screen capture, eliminating the need to keep paper receipts.

BIPO Training provides powerful scheduling and organising tools with a comprehensive end-to-end solution for managing all training processes, allowing you to plan, deliver and manage the knowledge capital of the organisation with minimal navigation through our friendly interface.

BIPO Recruitment is an online recruitment system that allows you to manage all recruitment activities from vacancy definition, recruitment and hiring to offboarding.

BIPO 행정은 편지, 문구류 요청에서부터 비행기 및 출장에 이르기까지 모든 행정적 요청을 쉽게 관리합니다.

BIPO Procurement enables your purchasing team to control spending and allows suppliers to manage and fulfil received orders in the cloud, allowing your business to achieve unprecedented purchase order processing efficiency.

BIPO Finance ensures timely and accurate disbursements of your company contracts, purchase orders, cash on deliveries, inter-company or one-time payments. Our finance management system can be integrated with applications such as BIPO Procurement so that you can deliver with consistency and accuracy through streamlined and automated finance processes.

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