BIPO Safe Entry Launches in Singapore - contactless clock-in system, integrates with BIPO HRMS. Find out more. →

BIPO Safe Entry,
Contactless check-in for employees

Keep employees and workplaces safe with BIPO Safe Entry.
Features AI facial recognition and contactless temperature scan.

Facial Recognition & Mask Detection

Entry approved once mask detection and temperature scans are verified.

Contactless Temperature Screening

Reduce physical touchpoints. Enhanced safety.


Application Scenarios

And More

On-site monitoring and security

Captures information for contact tracing.

Real-Time Employee Attendance

Records and syncs employee attendance with BIPO HRMS.

Door Access

Touch-free access. Easy to use.

Integrates with BIPO HRMS

Manage Attendance and Payroll functions seamlessly.

Multi-language capabilities

Ideal for managing multiple locations.

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